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Here's a list of the various Microsoft Azure certifications. Microsoft has organized the certification paths to align to job roles. Rather than getting certified in a particular technology, you get certified in the specific job tasks you performs using Microsoft technologies.

For example, the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification will test and verify your expertise of using managing applications and workloads using Microsoft Azure services.

What are you looking to get certified in?

Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
Microsoft Azure Administrators maintain, monitor, and implement cloud solutions using Microsoft Azure. These solutions i...
Administrator Associate
Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate
Microsoft Azure Developers build, test, and maintain cloud solutions using Microsoft Azure services. These solutions inc...
Developer Associate
Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert
Microsoft Azure Solutions Architects design solutions using Microsoft Azure. They must have expertise with various Azure...
Architect Expert
Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate
Microsoft Azure Security Engineers implement the security controls and threat protections of solutions using Microsoft A...
Security Associate
Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert
Azure DevOps engineers combine people, process, and tools to continuously deliver value to products and services that me...
DevOps Expert
Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
You can prove your understanding of cloud concepts, core Microsoft Azure services, Azure pricing and support, and relate...

Certification Exams

Here's a list of the Microsoft Azure certification exams:

Happy studying, and good luck!

Perhaps you already hold a Microsoft certification. Congratulations if you do! If it's been some time since you earned it, you may be wondering if / when it expires. If so, then we encourage you to read the article titled "Do Microsoft Certifications Expire?" written by Chris Pietschmann.

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